About Me


Jymie was born in southern California, which instilled in her a love of sun, surf, and all things beautiful and outdoorsy.

In college, she had a full scholarship to study Theater Arts, but changed her major to Library Information Technology after she got sick of the drama in Drama.

She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, four children, and pet rabbit: Bugsy. (Although they’re debating getting a pet fox and a pug, to be named Sherlock and Watson.)

When she’s not homeschooling, working, reading or writing, you might find her shaking her groove thing in a Zumba class, baking cupcakes, or taking her brood to enjoy anything and everything fun within a fifty mile radius of their home.

If you’re interested, *clears throat and tries to act casual* these are my Publications:

Juggling Crazy: The Faithful Creative, Issue One. Purchase a copy here!

Withheld: Pilcrow and Dagger, Dirty Little Secret, Volume 3. Purchase a copy here, or listen to the podcast here. 

And if you’d like to check out my showcase pieces:

The Week End: Haunted Hotel Showcase. Read free here.

Beware The Icepick Killer: Summer of Screams Showcase. Read free here.