A Tons-Of-Fun Interview with Cindy Dorminy: Author of Left Hanging

Hey there writerly peeps! Some exciting stuff is on the horizon, and today I’m tickled pink to do another interview with Cindy in honor of her adult contemporary romance releasing today, Left Hanging.

First, a little about the book:

As a nurse and single mom, Darla Battle hides her loneliness behind a smile. But when she discovers that the new cute doctor everyone is talking about is her daughter’s father, she knows she needs to keep her distance from the man who abandoned her and their child, Stella.

When Theo Edwards returns to Nashville to finish his medical training, he never expects to run into Darla, a girl he spent one night with seven years ago. For reasons he can’t fathom, her attitude toward him is frosty, but he still hopes to ignite the spark they once felt.

Once Darla realizes Theo doesn’t know he’s Stella’s father, she has no idea how to tell him the truth. And the longer she waits, the more difficult it becomes. When the situation spins out of control, can the two come together for the sake of their daughter? Or is forgiveness out of reach?

If you like your romance sweet and dripping with voice, trust me: this is a novel you must read.  Cindy spins a yarn that’s fuzzy (the warm kind), funny, and keeps you turning the pages to see just what these love-crazy fools will be put through next.

Without further delay, THE INTERVIEW!!!!
1)      Theo and Darla both appreciate The Force. Which Star Wars characters would they be and why?

Theo is definitely Obie-Wan Kenobi (the young, Ewan McGregor Obi). He’s wise, young, and believes deeply in a higher force. Darla would be Padme Amidala. At a young age, she had to be strong and think of others in all her actions. And, unfortunately, Isaac would be Jar-Jar Binks (sorry Isaac).

2)      Games play a major role in the course of the story. What board game would Theo be? And Darla? Why?

Theo would be Clue because he is completely clueless at times.

Darla would be Guess Who? Their false identities made a mess of things for years.

3)      As medical professionals, Theo and Darla drink enormous amounts of coffee. If they were beverages at Starbucks, what would they be and why?

Since Theo has type I diabetes, he has to be careful about what he eats and drinks. He would order an iced Americano. It only has 3 grams of carbs and no added sugars (and a lot of caffeine). Darla would order Cupcake Creme Frappuccino. It would be a real treat for her to even go to a Starbucks, so when does get to spend some money on herself, it would something fun.

4)      Which love song best describes Theo and Darla’s relationship? Now take the title and replace the noun with “Monopoly.” What’s their song called NOW?

I’m cheating and using a pronoun. It would be a song from Bryan Adams: Everything I do, I do it for Monopoly!! That sounds so much like Theo.

5)      Speaking of Monopoly, the gamemakers are changing out the thimble for something cooler. What would Theo want to replace the piece with? And Darla?

Theo would replace it with a miniature R2D2. Darla would replace it with a nurses hat.

6)      Isaac, while well intentioned, causes some drama throughout the book. If he were to be given his own soap opera, what would the title be? (Would Darla watch it? Be honest!)

Without even having to think about it, Isaac would definitely be a regular on The Bold and the Beautiful. Darla would watch (cringing the entire time) because that’s what best friends do.

7)      Theo’s siblings get all up in his business, because that’s what family does. If his family were to participate in a game show, which would they have the best chance of winning?

Family Feud. No doubt about it. They can work together and their differences could result in some pretty crazy answers.

8)      If Darla was a shade of lipstick, what color would she be? Why?, nurturer, and not flashy.

She would Bur’s Bees lip balm. She’s a protector

9)      You knew I was gonna ask this, but does Theo wear boxers or briefs?

Definitely boxers! He’s a loosey-goosey kind of guy. And since he’s just finished med school, I bet they are quite old (no time or money to shop). In fact, they are probably the same ones he wore when he met Darla (clean, I’m sure!!)

10)   Risk is a game typically either loved or hated: Where do Theo and Darla stand on the matter?

How ironic. I’ve written Tommy’s story (Theo’s brother). Tommy LOVES Risk. His family hates it. He has to bribe them with his awesome baked goodies to get them to play with him. So, it’s safe to say Theo and Darla do NOT like Risk. It’s too serious.

11)   If Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris got into a fist fight, who would Theo and Darla put their money on?

That’s a tough one. Not many people can beat Chuck, but I think Theo and Darla would put money on Liam Neeson. He was Aslan in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Aslan beats Chuck every day of the week.

12)   Oh no! Aliens are invading! Quick, what do Theo and Darla grab to protect themselves (and little Stella)?

Darla would grab Yeti, her fierce Chihuahua. He would protect her against anything, no matter how big or scary. Theo would probably grab his diabetic kit. Maybe the alien’s sugar level is tanking and a quick injection of Glucagon would turn him into a human again.


Thank you so much, Cindy! As always, you’re a hoot! And a million congrats!

To buy Left Hanging , click here. To find it on Goodreads, click here. To learn more about Cindy, click here.