Contest Roundup: January 2016

Hey, writerly friends!

Roundups aren’t anything new, but after missing a handful of great contests last month, I thought it’d be helpful to post some quick links so that no one who’s interested in participating gets left out.

For a comprehensive list of contests you can expect throughout the year, I’d recommend checking out Carissa Taylor’s blog. It’s a few years old, but it’s phenomenal, and you can figure that a lot of the same contests will be happening.



Jan. 8th: #Writepit (For Faith Based MSs only)

January (TBA) Secret Agent Contest

Also keep an eye out for Samantha Fountain’s Agent Match (TBA) and #AdPit hosted by Heidi Norrod (TBA, If I find a functioning website I will add it later).

And just because these two happen so soon in February 2016:

Feb. 1st: Sun vs Snow

Feb 3rd: Pit2Pub


Happy New Year, and good luck!




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