Bookish Fun: How to Replace a Broken/Missing Dust Jacket

Today I thought it’d be fun to share a bookish craft with you! I don’t know if I’m the only one who has a problem with my dust jackets (with so many little hands in the house, they’re always slipping off, getting torn, going missing), but in the event that I’m not, I’m going to teach you how to wrap your naked book. (This is also handy if you found a great book at discount store or second hand that was just missing it’s dust jacket.)

What you need:

Your naked hardcover book

wrapping paper or scrapbook paper (any color or style you like, so long as it’s bigger than your book)




Step One:

Place your book, open with the pages standing upright, on your choice of paper.


Step Two:

Cut around the book cover leaving about a one inch margin.

Step Three:

Fold the paper over lengthwise and tape one side. Also, now is a good time to clip into the paper, towards the book on either side of the spine on both the top and bottom sides of the book (pictured below).


A QUICK NOTE: Be sure to check that you can close the book and THEN tape the second side. If you don’t, the paper will rip when you try to close it.


This is what it should look like before you tape the second side. I always run my fingers over the spine to help the paper crease into the proper shape.

Step Four:

Tape the second side, then fold the edges to make a clean corner, before folding down the top and bottom sides and taping them in place.


At this point, your project should look like this:


Step Five:

Set the book upright and trim the extra paper from the top and bottom of the book above the spine.


Step Six:

Sit back and admire your handy work!


Isn’t it fun? I know it isn’t as gorgeous as the original dust jacket, but it’s a pretty good replacement. And of course, there’s something fun about the mystery here: people on the subway/bus/what-have-you asking themselves, “What is that person reading? A birthday present?”

Hope you enjoy! If anyone tries this I’d love to see pics in the comments. How’d they turn out?


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