Reading Goals: 2016

As the new year is quickly approaching, I’ve decided it’s time to write down my reading goals and make them “concrete.” I don’t know about the rest of you but I always do better with my goals when I can A) see them and check them off, and B) be accountable to others for them.

In recent years, I’ve tried to read “when I could” but the number of books I was checking off my TBR list was dismal. I’m talking embarrassingly so. The good news is that I think the way to fix it is to make my goals more specific. So, in order to be accountable to someone, I’ve decided to share my reading goals with you! (Assuming I have any readers, lol.)

This year, I will read:

*8 Middle Grade Books (Any Genre)

*8 YA Books (Any Genre, but at least one Horror)

*8 Adult Books (Any Genre)

*4 Non-fiction Books

*12 New Releases (One each month, which I will then review and blog about)

*12 Previously Selected Books for my Book Club (One each month)

This makes a grand total of 52 books, which means I will have to finish one book each week. (I know, this isn’t a lot to many of you, but I am a practically single mother of four, so…) With any luck I won’t fall behind on this and I might be able to up the ante next year!

What are your reading goals? I’d love to hear!



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